Where To Hide Your Vape

Where To Hide Your Vape
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  1. This is for adults who may need to hide their vape from for example: Roommates, landlords, boss, at college, or from any person you don’t want to know that you vape.

  2. I be an adult but i still live with my parents and I don’t want them to find out 😂 Normally just put it in my make-up bag and carry it in my back pack.

  3. For teens: You probably have a bed cabinet and it is full of stuff. I had one little box that was with an old charger. The box sat there for 2 years and noone touched it, so I stiffed my cigarettes in there, they were fitting perfectly and yeah. Just if your mom starts to clean your room someday, you're fucked. Just think smart, where noone suspects to be something there. Think and you might find your perfect spot

  4. I putted my e liquids in random bag from my jewelry…- and I hide my e cigarette in book, I just cuted in few pages the shape of the vape (on the last pages, I didn't vasted the books text)…

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