Vladdin Eden Refillable Pod System Review

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  1. Good review. You are definitely a head of the curve getting out this review because this is the only English review of this pod I've found as well. Subscribed.

  2. I got mine just today, wanna ask if how long does it take for the battery to be full charged ? I don't see any indicator. Looking forward to hear from you. Thanks

  3. Definitely not many English reviews on this one, so thanks for the video! I've been trying out some of the newer, more obscure pods lately so I have this one coming in the mail soon.

    I tried the Voopoo Find Trio recently as well. Slightly larger device, not bad but does spit back occasionally and filling is a bit messy.

    With the Eden I'm a bit reluctant because initial reviews are saying a tight draw. I've been off cigs for some time now and although when I first quit I liked a tight draw, I'm leaning more now to looser draws with more vapor…like the Caliburn for instance.

    I do like the form factor of the Eden, it's similar to the Renova Zero is have. However that one the draw is tight and the activation requires a long puff. I'm hoping the Eden will be a bit looser and easier to draw from…I'll guess I'll find out soon enough.

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