Vaping is a Health Hazard! What Can You Do to Protect Your Kids? (Part 1) October 6, 2020 11:30 am

(Note: The introduction of speakers and Action for Healthy Kids was not recorded on Part I) Speakers included:
Michelle Smith, TX State Coordinator, Action for Healthy Kids
Marcella Bianco, Program Director for the CATCH My Breath
Patricia Stepaniuk, Senior Program Coordinator for CATCH My Breath
Shana Green, CATCH Implementation manager for the CATCH Global Foundation
E-cigarettes are dangerous and we must provide our schools with the resources and support to keep our children safe. Join us for two webinars that will share resources, policies and programs to help you help your school fight against vaping.

Part I
• Information on the youth vaping epidemic, laws, and policies
• Overview of the links between vaping, lung health, and infectious diseases, like coronavirus
• In-depth look at the evidence-based CATCH My Breath curriculum including STEM
and Humanities