Vape Wild Juice Review (Chocolate Mint)

A while back I won a juice giveaway from DanTheVapeMan and Dee75 over at and when it arrived, it was more than I expected. Instead of 6 flavors in a sampler, I got 8 plus a sweet snapback hat. I’ve given 2 of the flavors away since I shot this (vape’d it forward, if you will) but I gave each one a legit full day to see what my honest thoughts were. I ended up combining 2 flavors twice, so there will only be 6 vids, but I think if you watch them through you will understand why. This is a spot-on match for the delicious flavor of those little green-wrapped Andes chocolate candies you get from restaurants and on your pillows in hotels. If mint chocolate flavor is in your personal wheelhouse, you have to check this one out.
You can find them all at
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