In this video I go out and buy all the different kinds of disposable vapes that I could find and review them for you I hope you guys enjoy this video as much as my lungs did haha haha love you all and if you enjoyed the video don’t forget to SMASH THE LIKE BUTTON and if u want to keep up on my crazy silly self make sure to also SMASH THAT SUBSCRIBE BUTTON would mean so much to me okay now you can get back to the video



  1. Bro your honestly a trooper for puffing on all those different vapes. That shit can be hard too go back too back with some wacky tasting vape bars, I like your reviews and I know exactly what too try and exactly what too stay away from, cheers bro. Hitting vapes while you were vaping, nice review. Edit: I stopped buying puff bars because they suck ass and they don't work like they say they do and alot of them are un tasty and they arent FDA approved so they have fakes

  2. Hi Blake you wanna be friends my name is Laura iam 19 and. Iam single and I subscribe to your YouTube channel and like the videos and turn on the notifications on and I comment down below on your YouTube video and i love your YouTube videos

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