Top 5 Foods To Curb Your Cravings & Heal Food Addictions with Juicing For Fat Loss – Live Hangout

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Why do people give up on juicing? Because they are making THESE mistakes.

Uncover Your Beautiful Body With These 5 Foods That Curb Cravings

*Imagine How Different Your Life Would Be If You Knew An Instant Cure for Cravings* 
– No more tug-of-war dialogues in your head when you see tempting, but fattening foods.
– Now you have a go-to remedy for cravings.
– No more feeling guilty for making the wrong food choices.
– Now you can feel confident you have a sure-fire way to stay on track.
– No more feeling stuffed and bloated while you regret eating that thing that looked so good but feels so bad.
– Now you can eat foods you enjoy, foods that help you conquer your cravings and uncover your beautiful body…

On Saturday we will share not just one, but FIVE Craving-Crushing foods. And here’s the best part: They are all easy to get or make.

One of them even tastes like a sweet treat =)

So what are these Five Craving Crushers? 
1. Pure Water – the easiest and one of the most overlooked solutions
2. Coconut Kefir – the tastiest solution =)
3. Fresh, Live Sauerkraut – surprisingly delicious when you know what to get!
4. Apple Cider Vinegar Tonic – recipe included in the hangout
5. Green Juice – we will tell you how fresh juice can crush your cravings.

How do these foods and beverages curb cravings?
Watch the Video and find out!

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6. Have FUN and remember you are AWESOME!