This Is The Best Closed Pod System [The MYLE w/ SaltNic Pods]

Today we’re taking a look at the new MYLE pod system.

The Myle is the latest in closed pod systems coming to the market. There has been a very large influx in pod based systems these past few months, some are good, some are bad, and some are… fantastic! The PHIX and MYLE are the most popular right now, but I think this new Myle has them both beat. The design is super clean, the preformance is great, and the flavors (saltnic) used in the pods is aweosme. They currently have three pods to choose from including Mango, Cubano, and Mint. The mango is my favorite (I also use that same flavor in my Breeze), but all flavors are good. The mint is pretty mint-y, but if you like menthol, than it is a great option for sure.

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  1. myle is good n all but there are many problems that come with it which can be very annoying
    i used myle for like 3 months and now its completely dead idk y but it just doesnt work
    i donnot prefer myle but i do prefer caliburn or smok

  2. I've tried soooo many different pod systems but not one besides maybe the infinix has as good of a draw and flavor the problem is there all made like junk they dont last liquid gets inside the case them bang it stops charging/hitting smh I still think if your looking for a jull sized pod system the myle is the best even with the short life expectancy the flavor is just top notch..

  3. Question: do you know the difference between myle that is charged with micro usd and the one that charges like a juul? Which one is newer version? Thanks

  4. He just sat there and used the first 3 minutes of the video explaining where to get it on HIS site why would he say it’s anything but phenomenal after

  5. The 2nd version (USB) is absolute garbage. Doesn't hit nearly as hard & burns uneven with every pod when it doesn't decide to leak. Went through 2 of them, same problem. Plus Myle is changing the pod designs so now you gotta make like you're sucking a smoothie to get a hit.

  6. I just picked up a Myle it is way better than the Juul. Mine is a micro usb charger so i wonder if they have two models. The options for flavors are way better too.

  7. Myle Cubano is absolutely disgusting. DO NOT BUY THIS.
    Watermelon ice flush is the BOMB. The buzz will be extremely smooth and intense because of the ice thing

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