Myle Pod System Review ✌🚭

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In this video, DeucesJack shares his review of the Myle Pod system. Get a closer look at the Myle Pod, know its pros and cons, and find out if it is DeucesJack approved.



  1. Just saw this now but it’s better than Juul, the draw is better and battery life is excellent with quick charging. The only problem is that you can only buy the pods online, most vape stores near me don’t sell MylΓ© pods

  2. proprietary charger – another thing to carry around.

    Micro USB charger – also another thing to carry around, actually worse then the proprietary charge πŸ€·πŸ½β€β™‚οΈ

  3. I LOVE this device but lately they increased prices for their pods like 20 bucks for a 4 pack because the device is discontinued and it’s harder for vape shops to get the pods but DAMN IS IT RELIABLE it’s lasted longer than anything I ever had

  4. When I hit my myle sometimes the light is blue but nothing comes out. Other times it works fine. Idk why that happens and currently I cant get it to work any tips??

  5. I brought the Myle thinking it was going to be a great vape, my juices leaked like a tap, wrote to myle, no response what so ever

  6. Terrible pod system. I would have no hesitation in recommending Feelm pod system which is the recent Golden Leaf Awards winner! If you want to get a better vaping experience, you should try it!!!

  7. Just for anyone thinking of trying the Cubano, I just want to say that I personally hated that flavour. I do not like any desert flavours so if you do not as well, avoid it.

  8. Horrible pod system. Cheaper than others I've tried, but straight up garbage. Your battery stops working after a month. Pods leak. etc. I've gone through 3 batteries in 5 months. No help online on how to remove the battery, just the same old tips on using Q-tips and napkins to clean liquid. Basically Myle doesnt want anyone opening up their device. They'd rather you inconvenience yourself and go through their warranty program rather than find a quick fix from home. The sooner these fools go out of business, the better. Their Lush Ice flavor sucked me in but the quality of their product is terrible.

  9. Why no one ever review about the amount of heat it emits when vaping, coz we would like to hear about that particular property of vapes when it comes to reviewers, and it goes to all the other reviewers too, no offense.. just keen to know before buyin

  10. Sadly mine doesn’t work anymore. Is there a way to take it apart cause I think the juice leaked into the whole system

  11. My Myle had stopped suddenly working, guess it has liquid leakage inside any clue on how to fix and again it's with a usb charge system that it's really firm tgat i tried to push it out to clean but in vain, so?!

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