MYLÉ Mini NEW Vape Disposable Device Wonder ★ Unboxing & Review ★

Debut of a brand new instant vaping triumph! Unveiling & inhaling the MYLÉ mini disposable.

Mylé mini packs a surprisingly massive punch. Another success in vaping gadgetry from the renowned makers of the original Mylé. Compact and convenient, this delightful disposable delivers satisfying hits and flavor. No charging, no filling, no hassle. Nothing can make it any easier. Just unwrap and unwind. The simplicity of the design conceals its efficacy. Impressively, unlike a myriad of other disposable solutions, the petite nicotine stick is very powerful and smooth. This discreet device reaffirms the Mylé reputation with every robust drag. Plus, it features a tasty line up of their newly released flavors. And when it’s over, the next one is ready and waiting.

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  1. Sweet tobacco is honestly the worst flavor , the stores around my my district don’t even sell that flavor no more, but what’s your favorite flavor

  2. I thought when u heard the litltle puff sound that that was a complete hit but thats justs the juice burning😭

  3. how does he not have nicotine tolerance? I been hitting for a month or 2 and now I gotta wait like 2 and a half hours to get a buzz. anyone know any work around

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