iStick D by Eleaf – Best Disposable?

In this video we check out the iStick D by Eleaf. This is a disposable pod system that has a 280 mah battery and holds 1.5ml of liquid.




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  1. Disposable vapes🤦🏼‍♂️smh.!
    Probably the last thing the vape adocates wants to deal with at this point in time.
    Imo, this whole idea of throwing away your vape after just a few days of using is a ridicolous idea. Nor do they look any good🤷🏻‍♂️
    Good review but hard pass on disposables.
    At least the plastic tanks(Gemm & GoMax) are recycable.
    Can the same thing be said about this product?

  2. Interested by that Grapefruit flavor too. Agreed, I use disposable in similar case as you and when I travel. little stick, easy to carry and fast to use when you arrive (don't have to grab your bottle, fill your tank etc.. if you have no kids it's ok but otherwise it's next to impossible to do this after a 12hr flight so having a disposable is very convenient)
    Matt, if you dig grapefruit flavor I'd suggest you try Fruitrus from Blue Dot, this is my ADV. I like that it's not sweet.

    I had high hope from SKWZED (whatever is the name) but the mint in the Grapefruit is real mint not coolada so after 2 puffs all you get is mint.. too bad, the smell of this juice is awesome.

  3. Hello Matt. Thanks for another great review and advice. You mentioned you only saw these in chinese retailers… if I may ask, which chinese websites do you use, if any, for vaping related products buying? Because I'm emigrated in south China, it would be easy for me to purchase these. Thanks and keep it up!

  4. Those won't be recycled. With a lithium battery inside and no obvious way to take it apart and separate the contents safely it'll go straight to the hazardous waste dump. If we're lucky that is, most of them will end up in normal garbage and then burnt, hopefully very close to whoever put it in the garbage bin.

  5. Hi there how long does the battery 🔋 life last????? You can get the logic compact with 🔌 charger and 2 pods £4pounds for the compact system with charger🔌 350May battery 🔋 2pods for £5pounds and your away to go the system you got there is a waste of money and♻♻♻♻♻♻♻♻ not good at all I'm sorry but thanks again great video 👍 🔋🔋🔋🔋🔌🔌🔌🔌♻♻♻♻🚭🔞💭💭💭💭💭💭💭💭💭💭💭💭💭💭💭 👆👆👆👆👉big no no👈

  6. I Stick? Just another child friendly USB bastard. I hope the "quitting JUUL" Redditors tune in. Raised eyebrows and total contempt. The sooner there is a Nicotine limit the better.

  7. sorry eleaf. i already throw enough shitty diapers in the Pacific.. whats another dead battery and plastic shroud??? oh i see.. new fish habitat.. Matt is right, you need an exchange program.. imo western society is trying to be healthier and be less impacting on our environment, so get with the program eleaf… great review Matt .. happy New Year folks.. my new year resolution might just be to consider, how much stupid shit i buy like this and try to curtail wherever possible. so the sushi i dont even feel comfortable eating anymore, might be ok for our great great great grandkids to consume again.. i doubt it though… i sound like such a debbie downer.. sorry 8] o/

  8. Ripping 50 nic after 50 nic even out of those is a lot. I don’t support disposables but love the format and great review.

  9. I quit cigarettes for 1 month with smok nord thanks to your review on it I was a pack a day smoker I smoked Marlboro red and went down from 50 nic to 30 but I'm hoping they start to make 20 nic because i like to vape a lot when I'm in the car keep up the great work love your videos

  10. The first jewel type I liked was from Austria I think and they had a grapefruit vodka I think. They got bought out now and names escape me. I don't see grapefruit on heavens gift so maybe it is no more sad face! I like it tight too so I may have to try one anyway. Nice job!

  11. Every disposable I've tried either tasted like chemicals or wayyy too sweet. And on top of that they're terrible for the environment, even worse than pod systems.

  12. The litle black thing I think is a magnetic strip for anti stealing if the store got a system for it. Its hard to get out off the pack and shooplifters have to open the box before they know 😉

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