In this video I take you through how to get around the JUUL ban on vape flavors so u can continue your JUULing habit or whatever it is that you do if this video helped you make sure to SMASH the LIKE button and if you want to see more from my channel make sure to hit that SUBSCRIBE button



  1. Just get some spearmint oil and drop se more in there once the flavours gone, should bring ot back to life or I guess you could even drop some in a fresh one take it stronger

  2. The problem that caused avalie or however you spell that new 'vape disease' was because they would put vitamin E acetate into the carts or clears as you called them in order to pass the "bubble test" as it made them thicker as they weren't made with proper THC isolate and once caped the vitamin E would recrystallise in your lungs…peak.

    In my county they literally sell flavoured e liquids in hospitals in order to get people to stop smoking as it's so, so, SO much better for you than smoking 😕✌️

  3. Having worked for Juul it’s funny to hear someone so confidently incorrect about so much of this. There’s no tobacco in any juul products. There’s no “methane” in any vaping product. It was a vitamin e additive which is used in many products just not smoked or vaped. Do your homework before you go spouting of incorrect drivel as fact.

  4. No juul products contain no tobacco. You are basically vaping artificial flavor. Oh also colors, even some heavy metals. There’s also been problems with quality control from the supply chain that makes the pods so guess what you’re also smoking plastics. Party on bro.

  5. This video is so autistic all he had to do is stop using a juul and switch to a rda or any mod its like 30$ for a decent one and a full bottle of salt nic is cheaper then a pack of pods and you get more juice ik this is a while back but its dumb

  6. They can’t buy flavored nicotine refill pods. But disposables are perfectly legal which I’m fine with. This whole ban is just absurd anyways. High school kids have smoked cigarettes forever. And they had the flavored cigarettes with the Krush’s. No one gave a damn then but now god all mighty!

  7. Wtf why would u spend 50 bucks on a starter kit for a juul plus u have to buy pods just buy a damn novo comes with two pods and some 5% juice and ur set for about two months

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